Argentinos - Lista 1. Chegaram em 05 de Agosto. Obrigado!


Argentinos - Lista 2. Chegaram em 05 de Agosto. Obrigado!

Airbourne - Black Dog Barking
Bulet - Storm of Blades
Cannibal Corpse - Live Cannibalism
Genesis - Abacab
Jon Lord - Celebrating the Composer, Live at Royal Albert Hall

Americanos, Europeus e Japoneses de difcil distribuio. Chegaram em 02 de Agosto. Reservas, por favor, entre em contato pelo Obrigado!

Aleas Noctis - Omega Force
Aleas Noctis - Slasher
Ancient Empire - Eternal Soldier
Beyond Fallen - AS the Spires Fall
Black Rose - Cure for your Disease
Blazon Stone - Hymns of Triumph and Death
Blazon Stone - Live in the Dark
Carnage - Massacre
Chained Lace - Morbid Fascination
Christillow - Standing in the Rain
Cro Mags - Near Death Experience
Crystal Viper - Crimen Excerpta
Crystal Viper - Legends
Cypher Seer - Awakening Day
Dark Age - Dark Age
Deathrow - Deception Ignored
Destroyer - Optimum DSI
Diamond Head - Diamond Head
Diemonds - Never Wanna Die
Diemonds - The Bad Pack
Dust Bolt - Mass Confusion
Eugenic Death - Crimes Against Humanity
Eugenic Death - Under the Knife
Jex Thoth - Blood Moon Rise
Jex Thoth - ST
Killer Khan - Kill Devils Hills
Leather Heart - Comeback
Lugnet - Lugnet
Metallica - Live at Orion
Overlorde SR - Medieval Metal Too
Paragon - Forgotten Prophecies
Paragon - Law of the Blade
Paragon - Revenge
Revelation - Never Come Silence
Revelation - Release
Revelation - Yet So Far
Ritual - Widow
Ritual Steel - Blitz Invasion
Ritual Steel - Invincible Warriors
Rocka Rollas - Celtic Kings
Rocka Rollas - III
Rocka Rollas - Pagan Ritual
Running Wild - Resilient
Sabre - On The Prowl
Sad Iron - Total Damnation
Satan - Atom by Atom
Satan - Life Sentence
Satan - Live Sentence
Sign of the Jackal - Mark of the Beast
Skull Fist - Chasing the Dream
Skull Fist - Head of the Pack
Slammer - The Work of Idle Hands
Sodom - Satans Conjuration
Solitaire - Predatress
Speedwolf - Ride With Death
Steelwing - Zone of Alienation
Stormwarrior - In Northern Shores
Vader - Black to the Blind
Vader - Live in Decay
Vader - Morbid reich
Vader - Necrolust
Vektor - Terminal Redux
Vektor -Outer Isolation

Americanos e Europeus. Chegaram em 27 de Julho. Reservas, por favor, entre em contato pelo Obrigado!

Alcest - Souvenirs Dun Autre Monde
Alice Cooper - Raise Your Fist And Yell
Amon Amarth - Berserker
Angra - Secret Garden
Annihilator - Never, Neverland
Artillery - Fear of Tomorrow
Artillery - Terror Squad
Ashes of Ares - Well of Souls
Bad Company - Bad Company
Bad Company - Desolation Angels
Bad Company - Rough Diamonds
Bad Company - Run With The Pack
Baroness - Gold & Grey
Beth Hart And Joe Bonamassa - Live in Amsterdam
Billy Gibbons And The Bfgs - Perfectamundo
Blind Guardian - Battalions Of Fear (Deluxe Edition)(Digipak)
Blind Guardian - Follow The Blind (Deluxe Edition)(Digipak)
Blind Guardian - Nightfall In Middle-Earth (Deluxe Edition)(Digipak)
Bloody Hammers - Summoning
Camel - Mirage
Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales (Remastered)(Digipak)
Celtic Frost - To Mega Therion (Remastered)(Digipak)
Corrosion Of Conformity - Blind
Corrosion Of Conformity - Deliverance
Coverdale/Page - Coverdale/Page
Cream - Disraeli Gears
Cream - Goodbye
Cream - Wheels Of Fire
Cult, The - Electric
David Ellefson - Sleeping Giants
Deep Purple - Burn (Expanded Edition)
Destruction - Mad Butcher (Slipcase)
Dust - Hard Attack / Dust
Elton John - Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirty Cowboy
Free - Fire And Water
Gaahls Wyrd - Gastir - Ghost Invited (Digipak)
Genesis - Foxtrot
Genesis - Selling England By The Pound
Gentle Giant - Playing The Fool
Ghost - Prequelle (3d Cover)
Gov't Mule - Bring On The Music - Live At The Capitol Theatre (BLU-RAY)
Grand Funk Railroad - E Pluribus Funk
Grand Funk Railroad - Good Singin Good Playin
Grand Funk Railroad - On Time
Grand Funk Railroad - Phoenix
Grand Funk Railroad - Shinin On
Grand Funk Railroad - Survival
Grand Funk Railroad - We Re An American Band
Holocaust - Elder Gods
Icon - Night of The Crime
Inglorious - Ride to Nowhere
Jorn - Live On Death Road (BLU-RAY)
Judas Priest - Point Of Entry
Judas Priest - Priest...Live!
Judas Priest - Ram It Down
Judas Priest - Stained Class
Judas Priest - Unleashed In The East
King Crimson - In The Court of The Crimson King
King Crimson - In The Wake Of Poseidon (30th Anniversary Edition)
King Diamond - Songs For The Dead Live (Blu-Ray)
Kiss - Unmasked
Last in Line - II
Lord Vicar - The Black Powder
Loudness - Thunder In The East
Manegarm - Fornaldarsagor
Megadeth - The System Has Failed (Digipak)
Megadeth - Warheads On Foreheads (Cd Triplo)(Digipak)
Motionless in White - Disguise
Motorhead - Sacrifice
Motorheard - 1916
My Dying Bride - The Vaulted Shadows
Neal Morse - Jesus Christ The Exorcist
Overkill - Fuck You!!!And Then Some
Overkill - Horrorscope
Overkill - I Hear Black
Overkill - The Years Of Decay
Overkill - Under The Influence
Picture - Every Story Needs Another Picture / Marathon
Powerwolf - The Sacrament Of Sin
Primal Fear - Angels Of Mercy - Live In Germany (CD/DVD)(Digipak)
Quartz - Against All Odds
Quartz - Fear no Evil
Quartz - Live Quartz
Quartz - Quartz
Quartz - Stand Up And Fight
Queensryche - Empire
Rage - Reflections of a Shadow
Rammstein - Rammstein (Deluxe Edition)
Rammstein - Rammstein (Digipak)
Raven - All For One (Digipak)
Rival Sons - Feral Roots
Sepultura - Beneath The Remains
Skull, The - Endless Road Turns Dark
Slayer - Live: Decade Of Aggression
Sleep - Dopesmoker (Digipak)
Sodom - Til Death do us Unite
Strangers Things - Season 3 Soundtrack
Tesla - Shock
Testament - The Legacy
Therion - Beloved Antichrist
Timo Tolkki's Avalon - Return To Eden
Toy Dolls - Absolutely Live
Toy Dolls - On Stage in Stuttgart
Tygers Of Pan Tang - Crazy Nights
Tygers of Pan Tang - Spellbound
Tygers of Pan Tang - Wild Cat
Uriah Heep - Innocent Victim
Vader - Thy Messenger (EP)
Van Halen - Balance
Venom - In Nomine Satanas - The Neat Anthology (Digibook)
Venom - Storm The Gates (Paper Sleeve)
W.E.T. - Earthrage
Who, The - Quadrophenia

Argentinos limitados, Recebemos em 18 de Julho, todos direto no site. Reservas, por favor, entre em contato pelo Obrigado!

Asphyx - On The Wings Of Inferno
Black Sabbath - The End (CD/DVD)(Digipak)
Death - Individual Thought Patterns
Krokus - Hellraiser
Megadeth - Risk
Megadeth - So Far, So Good... So What!
Nevermore - Enemies Of Reality
Nevermore - Politics Of Ecstasy
Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor
Samael - Worship Him
Terrorizer - Darker Days Ahead

Nacionais de difícil distribuição. Recebemos em 16 de Julho, todos direto no site. Reservas, por favor, entre em contato pelo Obrigado!

220 Voltios - 220 Voltios (Duplo)
220 Voltios - Pesadilla (Duplo)
Acido - Metal Rock
Angkor Vat - Toda La Sangre Derramada (Box 3 Cds)
Ariman - Under The Blame
Azul Limão - Vingança
Defrente - Surfin' Mosh
Drink From Hell - Drink From Hell
Egocentric Molecules - Megalomania
Epsilon - Instinto De Supervivencia
Evil Force - Ancient Spores (Duplo)
Flagelador - A Noite Do Ceifador
Flagelador - Obcecado Por Sangue
Forkill - The Sound Of The Evil's Bell
Graf Spee - Mother Fucker
Incarnum - Mortificação
Kobalto - Conviviendo Con El Desastre (Duplo)
Leather - Shock Waves
Lethal Dose - The Clan Of Lethal Skulls
Metalmorphose - Ação E Reação (Digipak)
Mustang - Rock' N' Roll Junk Food
Orquidea Negra - Who's Dead
Overlord - In For The Attack
Parannoia - Guerra E Dor
Rotten State - Kill It Yourself (Duplo)
Shelton Chastain - The Edge Of Sanity: 88 Demo Session
Slow Agony - Crumbling Empires (Box 3 Cds)

Americanos e Europeus. Recebemos em 29 de Junho. Reservas, por favor, entre em contato pelo Obrigado!

Accept - Metal Heart (Remaster)
Alcest - Kodama
Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid
Alice Cooper - Lace And Whiskey
Alice in Chains - Alice in Chains
Alice in Chains - Dirt
Alice in Chains - Jar of Flies
Amon Amarth - Berserker
Angra - Hunters And Prey
Angra - Secret Garden
Artillery - Fear of Tomorrow
Ashes of Ares - Well of Souls
Billy Gibbons and The BFGS - Perfectamundo
Black Sabbath - Dehumanizer
Bloodbath - Grand Morbid Funeral
Bloodbound - Rise Of The Dragon Empire (Cd/Dvd)(Digipak)
Blue Oyster Cult - Secret Treaties
Bruce Dickinson - Scream For Me Sarajevo (CD)
Captain Beyond - Uranus Expressway (Single 7'')
Celtic Frost - Vanity/Nemesis (Remastered)(Digibook)
Cinderella - Night Songs
David Lee Roth - Skyscreaper
Death - Human (Deluxe Edition)
Death - Scream Bloody Gore (Slipcase)
Def Leppard - Box Set Vol. 2
Delain - Hunters Moon
Dio - Sacred Heart
Dio - Strange Highways
Dio - The Last in Line
Dokken - Return to the East Live 2016 (CD/DVD)
Duff McKagan - Tenderness
Elton John - Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy
Elton John - Caribou
Elton John - Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player
Elton John - Elton John
Elton John - Empty Sky
Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Elton John - Honky Chateau
Elton John - Madman Across The Water
Elton John - Tumbleweed Connection
Fair Warning - Fair Warning
Fight - War of Words
Free - At Last
Free - Fire And Water
Free - Free
Free - Free Live!
Free - Heartbreaker
Free - Tons Of Sobs
Fuck The Facts - Split
Gaahls Wyrd - Gastir Ghosts Invited
Grand Funk Railroad - Survival
Grand Magus - Wolf's Return
Grave Digger - Excalibur
Gruesome - Twisted Prayers
Holocaust - Elder Gods
Jeff Beck - Blow by Blow
Jorn - Live on Death Road (BLU-RAY)
Judas Priest - Defenders of The Faith
Judas Priest - Live Vengeance 82 (DVD)
Judas Priest - Nostradamus
Judas Priest - Point of Entry (LP)
Judas Priest - Sin After Sin
Kreator - Coma of Souls (Digibook)
L.A. Guns - The Devil You Know
Last in Line - II
Led Zeppelin - In Through The Out Door (Deluxe Edition)(Paper Sleeve)
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin Iv (Deluxe Edition)(Paper Sleeve)
Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti (Deluxe Edition)(Paper Sleeve)
Loudness - Thunder in The East
Manegarm - Fornaldarsagor
Manowar - Into Glory Ride (Imperial Edition MMXIX)
Metallica - ...And Justice For All (Remaster Deluxe Edition)(3CDs)
Motley Crue - The Dirt Soundtrack (Slipcase)
Mr. Big - Lean into It
Mr. Big - Mr. Big
Nasun - Grind Finale
Nazareth - Anthology
Necrophagist - Epitaph
New Barbarians - Buried Alive: Live in Maryland
Noisear - Turbulent Resurge
Opeth - Blackwater Park (Digibook)
Opeth - Ghost Reveries
Opeth - Heritage
Opeth - Pale Communion (Deluxe Edition)
Opeth - Still Life
Paradise Lost - Draconian Times
Paradise Lost - One Second (20th Anniversary Edition)(Digibook)
Picture - Every Story Needs Another/Marathon
Procol Harum - Grand Hotel
Procol Harum - Home
Procol Harum - Procol Harum
Procol Harum - Salty Dog
Protector - Summon the Horde
Quartz - Against All Odds
Quartz - Fear no Evil
Quartz - Live Quartz
Quartz - Quartz
Quartz - Stand Up And Fight
Rammstein - Deutschland (7'')
Rammstein - Rammstein
Raven - All For One
Raven - Live At The Inferno
Riot - Restless Breed (Collector S Edition)(Reloaded)
Rival Sons - Feral Roots (Paper Sleeve)
Saxon - Dogs of War
Scorpions - Blackout
Septic Flesh - Codex Omega (Deluxe 2CD Edition)
Skull Fist - Way Of The Road
Slade - Slade in Flame (CD/DVD)(Digipak)
Slayer - Reign in Blood
Slayer - South of Heaven
Sodom - Til Death to Us Unite
Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger
Steve Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - In Step
Steven Wilson - Home Invasion: In Concert at The Royal Albert Hall (2CD/BLU-RAY)
Stryper - To Hell With The Devil
Tesla - Shock
Testament - Low
Texas Hippie Coalition - High In The Saddle (Digipak)
TNT - Encore: Live in Milano (CD/DVD)
Trivium - Sin And The Sentence
Tygers of Pan Tang - Spellbound
Tygers of Pan Tang - Wild Cat
Uriah Heep - Very Eavy...Very Umble
Venom - In Nomine Satanas (CD)
Venom - Storm The Gates
White Zombie - La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol.1
Whitesnake - Lovehunter
Whitesnake - Saints And Sinners
Wormrot - Abuse
ZZ Top - Antenna
ZZ Top - El Loco


Americanos e Europeus. Previstos para 9 de Agosto. Reservas, por favor, entre em contato pelo Obrigado!

Aerosmith - Aerosmith
Aerosmith - Draw the Line
Alcest - Ecailes de Lune
Alcest - Les Voyages de Lme
Alestorm - No Grave But The Sea
Altitudes & Attitude - Get It Out
Amon Amarth - Berserker (Paper Sleeve)
Bad Company - Rough Diamonds
Bad Company - Run With The Pack
Bathory - Bathory
Blind Guardian - Live (Deluxe Edition)(Digipak)
Blind Guardian - Tokyo Tales (Deluxe Edition)(Digipak)
Bloody Hammers - The Summoning (Digipak)
Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
Captain Beyond - Lost And Found - 1972-1973
Coroner - R.I.P.
Corrosion Of Conformity - Blind
Corrosion Of Conformity - Deliverance
Corrosion Of Conformity - Wiseblood
Cream - Fresh Cream
Cream - Goodbye
Death - Leprosy (Deluxe Edition)(Slipcase)
Death - Vivus (Deluxe Edition)(Slipcase)
Deep Purple - In Rock
Dio - The Last In Line
Dokken - Under Lock And Key (Collector S Edition)(Reloaded)
Eloy - Ocean
Foreigner - Double Vision
Free - At Last
Free - Heartbreaker
Free - Tons Of Sobs
Gaahls Wyrd - Gastir - Ghost Invited (Digipak)
Glenn Hughes - Play Me Out (Remastered Edition)(2CD)
Graham Bonnet Band - Live in Tokyo 2017
Grand Funk Railroad - On Time
Grand Funk Railroad - Phoenix
Gruesome - Dimensions Of Horror
Hate - Auric Gates Of Veles
Humble Pie - Eat It
Humble Pie - Rock On
Jeff Beck - Blow By Blow
Judas Priest - Painkiller
Judas Priest - Sad Wings of Destiny
Kiss - Hot In The Shade
Kreator - Cause For Conflict (Deluxe Remastered Edition)(Digibok)
Kreator - Outcast (Deluxe Remastered Edition)(Digibok)
Kreator - Renewal (Deluxe Remastered Edition)(Digibok)
Manowar - Fighting the World
Manowar - Final Battle (EP)
Manowar - Hail to England (Imperial Edition MMXIX)
Manowar - Into Glory Ride (Imperial Edition MMXIX)
Megadeth - Warheads on Foreheads
Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness (Digipak)
Motley Crue - Greatest Hits
Motley Crue - Motley Crue
Motley Crue - The Dirt Soundtrack
Opeth - Heritage
Overkill - Fuck You!!!And Then Some
Overkill - W.F.O.
Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon
Pantera - Live At Dynamo Open Air 1998
Philip H. Anselmo And The Illegals - Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue (Digipak)
Picture - Every Story Needs Another/Marathon
Poison - Flesh And Blood
Powerwolf - The Sacrament Of Sin
Quartz - Against All Odds (Digipak)
Quartz - Quartz (Digipak)
Quartz - Stand up And Fight
Rainbow - Straight Between The Eyes
Rammstein - Paris (BLU-RAY)
Rammstein - Rammstein (Digipak)
Rammstein - Rosenrot (Digipak)
Ratt - Dancing Undercover (Collectors Edition)
Ratt - Reach For The Sky (Collectors Edition)
Raven - Over The Top - The Neat Years - 1981-1984 (4CDs)
Reo Speedwagon - You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can T Tuna Fish
Riot - Narita (Collector S Edition)(Reloaded)
Riot - Restless Breed (Collector S Edition)(Reloaded)
Samson - Bright Lights - The Albums - 1979-1981 (5CDS)
Scorpions - World Wide Live
Sodom - Til Death Do Us Unite
Soundgarden - Live From Artists Den (CD)
Steve Jones - Fire And Gasoline (Remastered Edition)
Steve Jones - Mercy (Remastered Edition)
Suicidal Tendencies - Still Cyco After All These Years
Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger (Collector S Edition)(Reloaded)
Tesla - Forever More
Texas Hippie Coalition - High In The Saddle (Digipak)
Timo Tolkkis Avalon - Return To Eden
Tygers Of Pan Tang - Spellbound
Ufo - Salentino Cuts
Uriah Heep - Look At Yourself
Venom - At War With Satan
Volbeat - Rewind Replay Rebound
W.E.T. - Earthrage
Whitesnake - Come And Get It
Whitesnake - Saints And Sinners
Zz Top - Afterburner

capa cd
Tipo: CD
Origem: NA

Lançado em 2017, mistura de clássicos do rock com cantigas de roda.

Track list:

1. O Galinheiro Está Demais

2. Parlendas do Rock

3. Dona Chica e o Gato

4. Trem Doidão

5. Nesta Rua em Caxemira

6. Nana Bruxinha

7. Boi da Cara Roxa

8. O Número da Macaco

9. Marcha do Príncipe Alecrim

10. Mentiras da Barata

11. O Chulé do Sapo

12. I Love Borboletinha

13. Brilha Estrelinha Punk

14. O Porco Brigou com a Porca

15. Pombinha Preta

16. Nesta Rua em Caxemira (Reprise)

Av. São João, 439 - 2º andar - Loja 313 - São Paulo - SP - CEP: 01035-000
De segunda a sexta, das 9:30 as 18:30 | Sábados, das 9:30 as 18h

Fone: (11) 3331-3978

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