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Aborted - Terrorvision
Accept - Predator
Air Suply - Forever Love (Greatest Hits)
Alice Cooper - The Last Temptation
Alice in Chains - Dirt
Alice in Chains - Facelift
Alice jn Chains - Alice in Chains
Anaal Nathrakh - A New Kind Of Horror
Angra - 5 Original Album in 1 Box (5CDs)
Angra - Best Reached Horizons
Annihilator - Alice in Hell
Anvil - Metal on Metal
Armored Saint - Delirious Nomad (Collectors Edition) (Reloaded)
Armored Saint - March of the Saint (Collectors Edition) (Reloaded)
Bathory - Blood Fire Death
Bathory - Hammerheart
Bathory - Octagon
Bathory - Twilight of The Gods
Behemoth - Messe Noir (CD/BLU-RAY)
Behemoth - The Satanist (CD/DVD)
Black Label Society - Grimmest Hits
Blackberry Smoke - Find a Light
Blind Guardian - Battalions of Fear (Deluxe Edition)(2CDs)
Blind Guardian - Follow The Blind (Deluxe Edition)(2CDs)
Blind Guardian - Somewhere Far Beyond (Deluxe Edition)(2CDs)
Blind Guardian - Tales From The Twilight World (Deluxe Edition)(2CDs)
Bloodbath - Grand Morbid Funeral
Bob Seger - I Knew You When
Bon Jovi - 7800° Fahrenheit
Bon Jovi - Bon Jovi
Borealis - The Offering
Boston - Greatest Hits
Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding
Candlemass - Nightfall (30th Anniversary Edition) (3CD) (Digipak)
Chic - C'est Chic
Commodores - Commodores
Conan - Existencial Void Guardian
Coroner - Grin
Coroner - Mental Vortex
Coroner - R.I.P.
Corrosion of Conformity - Blind
Coverdale Page - Coverdale Page
Danzig - Danzig
David Bowie - Low
David Coverdale - White Snake
Death - Symbolic
Destroyer 666 - Call of The Wild
Destruction - Cracked Brain (Deluxe Edition)
Destruction - Infernal Overkill (Deluxe Edition)
Destruction - Release From Agony (Deluxe Edition)
Destruction - Sentence of Death (Deluxe Edition)
Diamond Head - Lightning to The Nations (Deluxe Edition)
Dokken - Return to the East Live (CD/DVD)
Dream Child - Until Death do We Me
Dream Theater - Until Death Do We Meet Again
Drudkh - They Often See Dreams About The Spring
Edgar Winter Group - They Only Come Out at Night
Evergrey - A Night to Remember
Firehouse - Fiehouse III
Five Finger Death Punch - And Justice For None
Free - Fire and Water
Funkadelic - Maggot Brain
Ghost - Ceremony and Devotion (2CD)
Ghost - Prequelle (3D Cover)
Grave Digger - Heavy Metal Breakdown (Deluxe Expanded Digipak Edition)
Grave Digger - Tunes of War
Grave Digger - Witch Hunter (Deluxe Expanded Digipak Edition)
Greta Van Fleet - From the Fires
Gruesome - Savage Land
Jaded Heart - Devils Gift
Jeff Beck - Blow By Blow
Jeff Beck - Jeff Beck With Jan Hammer Group Live
Jeff Beck - Wired
Jethro Tull - Too Old to Rock And Roll, Too Young to Die
Joe Bonamassa - Redemption
Journey - Escape
Judas Priest - Electric Eye (DVD)
Judas Priest - Killing Machine
Judas Priest - Nostradamus (2CD)
Judas Priest - Ram it Down
Kiss - Revenge
Kreator - Cause for Conflict (Deluxe Remastered Digipak Edition)
Kreator - Coma of Souls (Deluxe Remastered Digipak Edition)
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II (Deluxe Edition) (2CD)
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV (Deluxe Edition) (2CD)
Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti (Deluxe Edition) (3CD
) Legend of the Seagullmen - Legend of the Seagullmen
Lynyrd Skynyrd - All Time Greatest Hits
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Nuthing Fancy
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Pronounced Leh-Nerd-Skin-Nerd
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Street Survivors
Machine Head - Burn My Eyes
Marillion - Happiness is Cologne
Marillion - Popular Music
Marillion - Seasons End
Master - An Epiphany of Hate
Master - Live
Mastodon - Blood Mountain
Mastodon - The Hunter
Meshuggah - Obzen (Deluxe Edition)
Metal Church - Blessing in Disguise
Mob Rules - Beast Reborn
Moonspell - Lisboa Under The Spell (3CDs/DVD/BLU-RAY)
Mr. Big - Live From Milan
My Dying Bride - The Angel and the Dark River / For Darkest Eyes (CD/DVD)
Necrophobic - Mark Of The Necrogram
Necrophobic - Mark Of The Necrogram
Obituary - Cause of Death
Obscura - Diluvium
Orange Goblin - The Big Blank
Orange Goblin - Time Traveling Blues
Overkill - The Years of Decay
Overkill - Under the Influence
Ozzy Osbourne - Diary of a Madman (Edição Standart)
Pain of Salvation - BE
Pain of Salvation - One Hour By the Concrete Lake
Pain of Salvation - Remedy Lane
Pantera - Far Beyond Driven (20th Anniv Digipak Edition)
Parliament - Funkentelechy Vs the Placebo Syndrome
Parliament - Mothership Connection
Pig Destroyer - Head Case
Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere (2CD/BLU-RAY)
Powerwolf - The Sacrament of Sin (Deluxe Edition)
Primal Fear - Angels of Mercy: Live in Germany (CD/DVD)
Primal Fear - Apocalypse (CD/DVD)
Primordial - Exile Amongst The Ruins
Pungent Stench - First Recordings
Pungent Stench - Smut Kingdom
Rammstein - Mutter
Rammstein - Rosenrot
Ratt - Infestation
Raven - Wiped Out
Redemption - Long Nights Journey Into Day
Refuge - Solitary Men
REO Speedwagon - Good Trouble (Collector's Edition) (Reloaded)
Revocation - The Outer Ones
Riot - Narita (Collector's Edition) (Reloaded)
Riverside - Wasteland
Rolling Stones - Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out (40th Anniversary Edition)(3CDs/DVD)
Running Wild - Port Royal (Deluxe Expanded Digipak Edition)
Rush - Fly by Night
Rush - Grace Under Pressure
Rush - Moving Pictures
Rush - Power Windows
Sabaton - Heroes
Savatage - Edge of Thorns
Savatage - Fight for The Rock
Savatage - Hall of the Mountain King
Savatage - Power of The Night
Saxon - 10 Years of Denin and Leather Live 1990 (CD/DVD)
Saxon - Rock the Nations (Digibook)
Six Feet Under - Warpath
Skull, The - The Endless Road Turns Dark
Slayer - Show No Mercy
Soen - Lykaia Revisited
Steven Wilson - Hand, Cannot, Erase
Steven Wilson - To the Bone
Stoned Jesus - Pilgrims
Stryper - God Dawn Evil
Stryper - To Hell with the Devil
Suicidal Tendencies - Still Cyco After All These Years
Suicidal Tendencies - Still Cyco Punk After All These Years
Suicidal Tendencies - Suicidal for Life
Tankard - The Tankard (Deluxe Edition)
Tankard - Zombie Attack (Deluxe Digipak Edition)
Thin Lizzy - The Definitive Collection
Treat - Tunguska
Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses
UFO - Salentino Cuts
Ultraphonix - Original Human Music
Vinnie Vincent Invasion - All Systems Go
Vixen - Live Fire
Vreid - Lifehunger
W.A.S.P. - Reidolized: The Soundtrack to the Crimson Idol (CD/DVD/BLU-RAY)
White Skull - Will of The Strong
Whitesnake - Love Hunter
With the Dead - Love from With the Dead
With the Dead - With The Dead
Yes - Big Generator
Yngwie Malmsteen - Marching Out

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A Day to Remember - Bad Vibrations (Deluxe Edition)
Airbourne - Breaking Outta Hell
Alcest - Ecailles de Lune
Alcest - Kodama
Alcest - Les Voyages de Lâme
Alcest - Shelter
Alcest - Souvernirs Dun Autre Monde
Alice in Chains - Dirt
Alice in Chains - Jar of Flies
Alter Bridge - Live At Royal Albert Hall (CD)
Angra - Best Reached Horizons
At the Gates - To Drink from the Night Itself (2CD)
Ayreon - Ayeron Universe: Best of Ayreon Live (BLU-RAY)
Bathory - Bathory
Bathory - Blood on Ice
Bathory - Hammerheart
Bathory - Jubileum Vol. 2
Bathory - Norland Vol. 1
Bathory - Norland Vol. 2
Bathory - Twilight of The Gods
Behemoth - Grom
Behemoth - Pandemonic Incantations
Behemoth - Satanica
Black Tusk - TCBT
Bruce Dickinson - Scream for Me Sarajevo (CD)
Carole King - Carnegie Hall Concert - June 18, 1971
Cauldron - New Gods
Columns - Please Explode
Coroner - Punishment for Decacence
Danzig - Danzig 4
Death - Symbolic
Deeds of Flesh - Of Whats to Come
Deep Purple - In Rock (Anniversary Edition)
Deep Purple - Shades of Deep Purple
Deicide - Legion
Diamond Head - Lightning to The Nation
Dio - Dream Evil
Disavowed - Perceptive Deception
Drudkh - They Oftem See Dreams About The Spring
Extreme - Pornograffitti
Five Finger Death Punch - And Justice For None
Ghost - Meliora
Goatwhote - The Eclipse Of Ages Into Black
Gojira - L'Enfant Sauvage (CD/DVD)
Grave Digger - Excalibur
Grave Digger - Knights of the Cross
Gus G - Fearless
Hatchet - Dying to Exist
Impending Doom - The Sin And The Doom Vol. II
Jaded Heart - Devil's Gift
Khemmis - Absolution
Khemmis - Hunted
King Crimson - In the Court of Crimson King
Korpiklaani - Kulkija
Lamb of God - Wrath
Led Zeppellin - The Song Remains the Same (BLU-RAY Audio)
Led Zeppellin - The Song Remains the Same (Deluxe Edition)
Leng Tch'e - Hypomanic
Leng Tch'e - Razorgrind
Lunatic Soul - Under The Fragmented Sky
Marillion - Holidays in Eden Live (2018 Limited and Numbered Edition)(Digipak)(2CD)
Mass Infection - For I Am Genocide
Mastodon - Blood Mountain
Mastodon - Cold Dark Place (EP)
Mastodon - Remission
Maveth - Coils of The Black Earth
Metal Allegiance - Volume II: Power Drunk Majesty
Metal Church - Blessing in Disguise
Metal Church - Metal Church
Metal Church - The Dark
Monte Pittman - Better Or Worse
Monte Pittman - Between The Space
Moonspell - Lisboa Under The Spell (CD/BLU-RAY)
My Dying Bride - 34.788% Complete
My Dying Bride - Angel And The Dark River
My Dying Bride - As the Flower Withers
My Dying Bride - Like Gods of the Sun
My Dying Bride - Turn Loose The Swans
Obituary - Cause of Death
Obituary - Inked Blood
Orange Goblin - Time Traveling Blues
Orange Goblin - Wolf Bites Black
Overkill - Horrorscope
Overkill - The Years of Decay
Pantera - Live At Dynamo Open Air
Perfect Plan - All Rise
Pig Destroyer - Head Cage
Powerwolf - Sacrament of Sin (Deluxe Edition)
Primal Fear - Apocalypse
Primal Fear - Apocalypse (CD/DVD)
Rainbow - Bent Out of Shape
Rammstein - Mutter
Rammstein - Paris (2CD/DVD)
Rammstein - Reise Reise
Rolling Stones - Live Licks
Saxon - Thunderbolt (Tour Edition)
Scorpions - Animal Magnetism
Septic Flesh - Codex Omega (Deluxe 2CD Edition)
Shining - X: Varg Utan Flock
Slayer - Divine Intervention
Slayer - Hell Awaits
Slayer - Undisputed Attitude
Stoned Jesus - Pilgrims
Suicidal Tendencies - Still Cyco Punk After All These Years
Taake - Kong Vinter
Tool - Aenima
Tool - Undertow
Trivium - The Sin and the Sentence
Ulcerate - The Destroyers of All
Vanden Plas - The Seraphic Live Works (CD/DVD)
With The Dead - Love From With The Dead
With The Dead - With The Dead


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Abominable Putridity - In The End Of Human Existence
Abominable Putridity - The Anomalies Of Artificial Origin
Aborted - Terrorvision
Airrace - Untold Stories
Alcest - Kodama
Alcest - Les Voyage de Lâme
Alcest - Shelter
Alice in Chains - Facelift
Alkaline Trio - Is This Thing Cursed
Anaal Nathrack - A New Kind of Horror
Axis - It's a Circus World (Collector's Edition)(Reloaded)
Behemoth - I Loved You At Your Darkest
Behemoth - Messe Noir (CD/BLU-RAY)
Behemoth - Satanica
Behemoth - The Satanist (CD/DVD)
Billy Gibbons - Big Bad Blues
Black Mirrors - Look Into The Black Mirror
Blackberry Smoke - Find a Light
Buddy Guy - The Blues is Alive And Well
Cauldron - New Gods
Coheed And Cambria - The Unheavely Creatures
Condemned - His Divine Shadow
Crimson Glory - Crimson Glory
Crimson Glory - Transcendence
Dana Fuchs - Love Lives On
Deep Purple - Fireball
Def Leppard - Pyromania
Deicide - Overtures of Blasphemy
Diablo BLVD - Zero Hour
Dizzy Reed - Rock'n'Roll Ain't Easy
Engaged in Mutilating - Population Zero
Gama Bomb - Speed Between The Lines
Greta Van Fleet - From the Fires
Groundbreaker - Groundbraker
Gruesome - Dimensions of Horror
Gygax - 2nd Edition
Haunt - Burst Into Flame
High on Fire - Electric Messiah
Horrendous - Idol
Hour of Penace - Cast The First Stone
Ian Gillan & Javalins - Ian Gillan & Javalins
Iron Will - Life is Your Labirinth
Jaded Heart - Devils Gift
Joe Bonamassa - Redemption
King Company - Queen of Hearts
Korpiklaani - Kulkija
Kreator - Cause for Conflict (Deluxe Remastered Edition) (Digibook)
Kreator - Coma of Souls (Deluxe Remastered Edition) (Digibook) (2CD)
Kreator - Endless Pain (Deluxe Remastered Edition) (Digibook)
Kreator - Extreme Agression (Deluxe Remastered Edition) (Digibook) (2CD)
Kreator - Pleasure to Kill (Deluxe Remastered Edition) (Digibook)
Kreator - Renewal (Deluxe Remastered Edition) (Digibook)
Kreator - Terrible Certainty (Deluxe Remastered Edition) (Digibook) (2CD)
Kris Barras Band - Divine & Dirty
Lamb of God - Sacrament
Lance Lopez - Tell The Truth
Mad Max - 35
Magic Touch - Blades,Chains, Whips And Fire
Magipie Salute - High Water I
Master - Live
Master - Mangled Dehumanization
Metal Church - Metal Church
Mike Zito - First Class Life
Mob Rules - Beast Reborn
Motley Crue - Girls Girls Girls
Paradise Lost - Shades of God
Pathology - Throne of Reign
Perfect Circle - Eat The Elephant
Pig Destroyer - Head Case
Primal Fear - Apocalypse
Primal Fear - The Best of Fear
Pungent Stench - First Recordings
Putridity - Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria
Putridity - Mental Prolapse Induced Necrophilism
REEF - Revelations
Riverside - Wasteland (Digipak)
Salty Dog - Lost Treasure
Sarcolytic - Thee Arcane Progeny
Saxon - Rock the Nations (Digibook)
Scorpions - Born to Touch Your Feelings
Seasick Steve - Can U Cook?
Secret Sphere - Nature of Time
Septic Flesh - Codex Omega (Deluxe 2CD Edition)
Skull, The - The Endless Road Turn Dark
Snakes in Paradise - Step Into the Light
Sound Storm - Vertigo
Steven Wilson - To The Bone
Stone Broken - Ain’t Always Easy (Deluxe Edition)
Stryper - God Damn Evil
Temperance Moviment, The - A Deeper Cut
The Amity Affliction - Misery
Therion - Beloved Antichrist
Tomb Mold - Manor of Infinite Forms
Too Slim & Taildraggers - High Desert Heat
Uriah Heep - Living The Dream
WET - Earthrage
Windhand - Eternal Return
Alice in Chains - Dirt
Bathory - Bathory
Bathory - Hammerheart
Bon Jovi - Blaze of Glory
Celtic Frost - To Mega Therion
Celtic Frost - Vanity/Nemesis
Conan - Existencial Void Guardian
Destruction - Mad Butcher
Destruction - Release from Agony
Destruction - Sentence of Death
Evanescence - Synthesis Live (CD/BLU-RAY)
Gojira - L'Enfant Sauvage (CD/DVD)
Impending Doom - Sin And Doom Vol. II
Kool And The Gang - Spirit of The Boogie
Lamb of God - Wrath
Machine Head - Burn My Eyes
Megadeth - Killing is My Business and Business is Good: The Final Kill
Moonspell - Lisboa Under the Spell (3CD/DVD/BLU-RAY)
Motörhead - Sacrifice
Overkill - Horroscope
Overkill - I Hear Black
Paradise Lost - Icon
Paradise Lost - Lost Paradise
Ratt - Reach for the Sky (Collector's Edition) (Reloaded)
Soulfly - Live at Dynamo Open Air 1998
Steel Panther - Lower the Bar (Limited Edition 3D Cover)
Testament - The Legacy
Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats - Wastelands

capa cd
Tipo: CD
Artista: MORDETH
Origem: NA

Lançado em 2018, é o terceiro álbum do Mordeth.

Contém como bônus o EP Robotic Dreams de 2009.

Track list:

1. The Unknow Knows

2. Monolith

3. The Gray Man

4. UVB-76

5. Blank Share

6. Beyond

7. Wake Up Machine

Bonus tracks:

8. Viruss  

9. H-Tedrom  

10. From Apes to Warlords  

11. Robotic Dreams

Av. São João, 439 - 2º andar - Loja 313 - São Paulo - SP - CEP: 01035-000
De segunda a sexta, das 9:30 as 18:30 | Sábados, das 9:30 as 18h

Fone: (11) 3331-3978

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